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Parsley - The Herb for Garnishing, Flavoring and Medicine

This petite leafy thing is often discarded by diners as "just a garnish," yet parsley has persistently pushed its way as among the most useful and healthy culinary herb.

My sister is a garnish eater, but not me! She's so fond of stealing parsley from our plates (during dine-outs) and pop it in her mouth. Parsley is a staple in her kitchen and every time she makes special dinner, it's so amusing of her opening the door for us with hand and arms of fresh parsley while leading us to the kitchen. We loved the smell in the kitchen... perfect... soothing and relaxing. Perhaps it's what parsley is about.

What is Parsley?
Parsley is one of the most well-liked herbs grown in herb gardens everywhere purposely for flavoring, as a garnish or for medicinal use. It has a saw-like curly or flat leaves which grow to around 12 inches tall and cultivated in a well-drained, moisture retaining soil. It can be grown outdoors and indoors.
For indoor growing, use a deep pot and fresh …